"A photograph is the pause button of Life"


Hi, welcome to my storytelling website... which is full of emotions, love, tender, connections and , of course, stories. Thank you for considering me as your portrait photographer. I treat each photo session as you are my family, my friend that I know for a life time. I'll gladly photograph you or your family if you don't mind to be hugged during the photo session, dance, play, make silly laughters, jump in a water and meet the sunset together :)

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"Tania is a treasure! Seriously. She "sees" where everyone else just "looks". She has that special eye that separates pros from amateurs. She has the ability to highlight emotion in her process. Yes, process - it's not just "stand here, look pretty, click, you are done". She takes her time to find out who you are. This enables her to capture that true "you" and, in the process, appreciate your loved ones even more. Thank you, Tania! You make it a breeze!"

- Artem


My name is Tania Veta and I’m a portrait and family lifestyle photographer based in Roseville, California.​

I am obsessed with capturing families, their genuine interactions and emotions just as they are, in a way that is real and at the same time unique, romantic and full of life and love. My greatest passion is photographing kids, that’s why you can find a big section on my portfolio dedicated just to them. I like to get connected with new families, I truly become friends with each of them after every photo session. And I would love to photograph your family too!


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