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Complimentary Photo Book - VeTania Photography - Lifestyle Photographer in Roseville, CA

Updated: May 10, 2019

Photographing families for a few years already I've noticed one common problem: Almost no one is printing photos any more! And you know what...? Everyone regrets that many years later. The digitals are lost somewhere on their hard drives, laptops are broken, files are accidentally deleted. I know the pain, I've been there... Almost 10 years of my life are gone :) Since we started using digital cameras we no longer have photo albums. Sad... Raise you hand who sits your guests in front of laptop and shows all 999 images that you have from the last year of your life or from your recent vacation? I bet they get bored after first 100. Right?

When my daughter was born I decided to be diligent with our photos, our memories... I organize our images by year, by occasion which makes it easy to create an album at the end of each year. Now we have 10 beautiful photo books that I'm proud to show my guests. All of them keep saying: "Oh, it's great I idea! I wish I did the same". That's why I decided to offer complimentary photo books. I want all my families that I photograph to take away something tangible from their session. You will receive a luxury photo book created by me. You don't have to worry about the design, software, photo lab. Leave that all to me. I will design and deliver a beautiful custom book that will last for generations. 

One stunning Photo Book, beautifully hand designed by me (hardcover, 8×8 inches, premium pearl paper, 20 pages).

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