• Tania Veta

Family Photo Session at Christmas Tree Farm in Roseville, CA - VeTania Photography

Four years ago we said "enough" to artificial Christmas trees and decided to buy our first real tree, tall up to the ceiling, that smells good, etc... I remember it was surprisingly warm day (we live in California), dressed in t-shirts and shorts we went to Christmas tree market and bought a pre-cut tree, bunch of new decorations and ornaments, drove it home on the top of our old SUV. We were so exited that we even forgot to buy the base for tree, so we had to go back to the nearest store to get it :) The whole experience turned out so magical, that since then we have this tradition to do this every year on the first weekend of December.

And this year was not an exclusion. Dressed up in cozy and Christmasy outfits we spared the whole day for our favorite ceremony. Our daughter, Maya, was very happy, running around the trees with our new family member - Maltipoo puppy, who’s name is Elvis. We played hide-and-seek, “tag”, we posed for the pictures. It was na amazing experience as usual that we are going to remember for a long time!

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