• Tania Veta

How to Take Awesome Candid Photos of Your Kids

VeTania Photography - Lifestyle Family Photographer in Roseville, CA

 Lately I’m being asked a lot by my friends: “Oh, you make such cool photos of your daughter! How do you make her pose so nice?” Well, the answer is - I don’t! I don’t ask her to pose and she doesn’t like to pose for me. Can you believe it?! Except a few occasions when I have to threaten her with all possible scary things if she doesn’t sit still for a few seconds while I make the photo :) Just kidding… My approach to photographing kids is very simple - I just let them be and do what they like to do at the moment.

Same is when working with my clients. I will never ask their child to smile when he/she doesn’t want to. Usually before the photo session I talk to the parents (moms, to be exact…) and ask them do not force their kids to a certain pose. I tell them “Let me worry about your child’s behavior. You just relax and enjoy your session.” Get your kids excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over prepare them or add too much pressure for "best behavior”. Remember that children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile. It is best if we just give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self.

During the session my goal is to focus on capturing your real emotions, as they are, the good, the bad and the in between. Many of my lifestyle photos are of the fun, everyday moments. I always include a few outtakes in my lifestyle galleries. What can be more true to life than the hilarious faces  or the crying kids?! I have been told by my clients that this is their favorite part of  their gallery!”

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