• Tania Veta

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session with W family

Newborn photo session with W family was something I was looking forward to! I met them when they were expecting their baby number 4. So I already knew them.

On my way to their home I was expecting some chaos around the baby in the house (which is pretty normal when you have a newborn). But instead it was filled with warmth, care, love and totally relaxed atmosphere. I spent their about 2.5 hours but the time flew by pretty quick. This little dude was half-time awake but he was chill and was looking at us with curiosity.

After the session I was rushing back home cause I knew I was gonna get bunch of good images! I couldn’t do anything else but to start editing. Previewing the gallery literally brought some tears into my eyes (I often cry when I preview my galleries first time as a slide show with music).

To be honest newborn lifestyle photography is my one of my favorite. It gives me the greatest gift of watching my families grow. Love grows. And this is amazing! I'm obsessed with baby's feet. I'm obsessed with baby's wrinkles, tiny toes, tiny hands and big cheeks. When photographing newborns I like documenting these small things. Cause they grow so fast.

I remember when my daughter was born she could fit into the palms of my hands. And todays she is already first grader! Time fly…


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