• Tania Veta

Love Story Photo Session at the Beach VeTania Photography, Roseville, CA

A few weeks ago a head a pleasure to have a romantic photo session of these two love birds. Truth be told they are my close friends and that’s the second photo session I have with them. The first one was a few months ago, I was honored to photograph their beautiful family with kids.

Love Story Photo Session at the Beach

At this time we decided to drive to the ocean beach (thanks God we live in a beautiful state of California and have a luxury to visit these gorgeous locations). Everything about this session was just perfect: the mysterious fog, the waves, seagulls, the clouds and the sun… It helped to create those magic atmosphere that you could see on the photos. I really adore capturing couple’s emotions, their interactions, their giggles and whisperings. I like to create lifestyle cinematic sessions, when each photo telling us a little bit bore about the couples. It moves away from just being gorgeous photos to being gorgeous photos full of meaning, full of emotion and storytelling.

I’ve started calling these sessions Love Stories. There is always something so satisfying to see how it comes out on the photos later on.

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