• Tania Veta

Love Story Photo Session in Empire Mine Historic Park - VeTania Photography - Roseville, CA

Visiting Empire Mine Historic Park was on my bucket list for about a year now. Even though it was on my mind for quiet a while this trip was totally unplanned. What a stunning place! I’m glad I made a point to drive all the way there. This was our first trip but definitely not the last one. We didn’t do much research before coming here. And getting to this park was a positive surprise. The park is a gorgeous estate that tells so many stories about the history of California. The garden and the house are very well maintained and open the window to a time when California was in gold fever.

Love Story Photo Session in Empire Mine Historic Park

Even if you are not interested in taking any tour, as we did, this place is a great way to relax and stroll around. It offers many great opportunities to take pictures. So we used this opportunity and  decided to have a love story photo session with a very good friends of mine.

Being a complete hopeless romantic, capturing the love between two people is a passion for me.  I know this couple for 9 years already and they’ve been married even longer than that! Can you imagine?! They’ve been sweethearts since high school. I admire their relationships, the connection between each other. Empire Mine Historic Park offered the perfect backdrop to showcase the love these two share.

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